We use the resources available to a retail investor to invest in technologies and companies that bring us to the future. We do this by pursuing a couple things in parallel. We seek to understand the world by building mental models of where the world is headed geopolitically, macroeconomically, and empirically. We create strategies around these mental models and bet on companies where we have experience and knowledge. Lastly, we build tools and software to help us maximize our returns. 

We seek to understand and make sense of the world. Without understanding the world, it is impossible to know where the world is going. Without understanding where the world is going, it is impossible to build profitable investment strategies. We see the world as a continuously evolving organism and find the variables that help us understand how certain aspects of this organism behaves.

We build strategies around our mental models. Our methods are not broad or complex. They are primarily equities, use minimal margin, and are held for the medium to long term. We seek to invest in companies following first principle thinking, 7 powers, and bias towards platforms.

Lastly, we want to maximize the returns on our investment. While we may maximize our holding over the long term, we also want to take advantage of market conditions to get optimal pricing and short term profitability. To do this, we will build software that will augment our decision making.